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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Hello everyone 2012 Spring has arrived as the birds are eating lots of  seeds and loving the bird homemade  fat balls! and swimming in the water baths, I have already started growing flora and foliage especially wild flowers, sweet peas , sun flowers  on my lawn for the bees and butter flies etc. Also I have been enjoying  washing  Carpet Doctors trusty Emergency Services  Bipper Ambulance  at the weekends - great form of meditation as like looking at bright Venus & Jupiter as well as red Mars , Mercury, Saturn. Unfortunately Uranus & Neptune are out of site with naked eye- a wonderful alignment .  

So we are  pleased to announce our springy deal please follow this link       Half price fabric protection treatment ;)

Buying beautiful flowers isn’t always as simple as picking up the phone or wandering into a florist shop; it requires just a little bit of thought to get the most out of your arrangement, just like  Carpet Doctors analysis of each carpet/upholstery  that needs cleaning, we dedicate ourselves on our specialist knowledge.