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Sunday, 8 January 2012

A Happy Gay  New Year to all our clients and new referrals!, hope 2012 is a good one for you all. Here at HQ the Doctors are busy as usual with emergency call outs putting PRIDE back into cleaning needs.

Recently we have been dealing with questions regarding  dust mites  and treating carpets/ upholstery as well as mattresses with such, due to  the mellow weather we have been having we have seen an increase in mite control. The Doctors advice our clients to use  a regular regime of vacuuming and strongly suggest professional carpet cleaning will keeps mites in check. Humans have co-excited with  these types of creatures  since recorded time.  Mostly harmless to us they are inextricable linked moreover a  valuable link in the  vast Eco system. However 'importantly'  if left untreated strong clinical  evidence suggests ( Newmeir, 2012) mites can contribute to symptoms related to asthma in accute suffers and furthermore skin complaints can arise (ASTHMA UK, 2001) .

Call the Doctors if you are concerned we will  be on call  to treat