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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Welcome back to the Dr's S.W.A.T team, recently we were called the carpet cleaning Jedi's by a client, we appreciate this after sweat blood and tears removing stains and dirt from  carpets. 

One procedure is checking the pH of a carpet to know what solutions to use on any particular stain etc. age and depth is also a factor, if we are not successful after the drying procedure we rush back to treat the carpet again at no expense until 100% satisfied. Reflective practice, clinical reasoning skills you could say and client sat is key to our practice.

This particular clients light fluffy carpet  had stubborn stains not only on the main carpet area but  in the door ways and along the skirting boards, this soiling is due to air containing pollution passing through the gaps in the boards. This air produces micro soil deposits that build up over time as the house breaths. Micro particles of soil that get trapped and lay hence air filtration soiling. If you suspect you may develop please hover the corners all the time with a tube and wipe with damp white terry towel. This spoilage can be prevented however if left  for a long period of time it can penetrate into the backing of the carpet  making it  very hard to remove the very fine dirt which also cause permanent staining. The Dr's can treat this with special solutions however it is up to the client to be aware of this to prevent this build up happening to a critical mass.

 "AHHH EWWW Again  stains, i do perceive soiling filtration, you no hoover i see ! Master  to fear not clean once again  MMMMM  "!